Thursday, November 20, 2008


I would be remiss in my duties as a food blogger if I did not profess my love for the following New York culinary goodies:

Pig's Ass Sandwich and Chocolate Cake (Casellula)
Pickle Plate and Pork Buns (Momofuku Ssam Bar)
Ramen, All Kinds (Ippudo)
Roasted Bone Marrow (Landmarc)
Hot Pepper Plate (Blue Ribbon Bakery)
Udon Hot Pot (Hagi)
Tuna Tartare and Dry-Aged Rib-Eye (BLT Prime)
Blue Cheese Potato Chips (Bar Americain)
Fried Okra (Grayz)
Amaebi with Fried Heads (Yokocho Village)
Steamed Vegetable Dumplings (Plump Dumpling)
Antipasto Platter ('ino)
Truffled Egg Toast ('inoteca)
Grilled Asparagus (Quality Meats)
Fried Chicken and Banana Pudding (Amy Ruth's)
Jumbo Slice (Koronet Pizza)
Kidneys on Toast (Fergus Henderson Special at The Spotted Pig)
Handmade Soba (Soba-Ya)
Soup Dumplings (Grand Sichuan)
Fettucini in Wheel of Parmesan (Sapporo d'Ischia)
Sauteed Gnocchi with Lardon (Chestnut)
Coconut Bubble Tea (Saint Alp's Tea House)
Pan Fried Noodles (Great New York Noodletown)
Eggleston's Pork Shoulder Steak (Terroir)
French Onion Soup (Odeon)
Egg and Caviar (Jean Georges)
Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Tomatoes (Blue Hill Stone Barns)
Cheese, Cheese, Cheese (Gramercy Tavern)
Porterhouse (Peter Luger)
Burger and Fries (Burger Joint)
Burger with Bacon (Corner Bistro)
Meat-on-a-Stick (Kebab Stand at Steinway and 31st Ave)
Egg Bagel (Absolute Bagels)
Kampachi Tartare (Forge)
The Sicilian Slice (Rizzo's Pizza)
Buffalo Shrimp (BLT Fish Shack)
Love Letters (Babbo)
Rigatoni with Breadcrumbs and Peas (Lupa)
Lardo Pizza (Otto)
Duck Egg and Ham (Casa Mono)
Chips and Onion Dip (The Redhead)
Burger, Medieval Style (Blue 9 Burger)
Chicago Dog (Shake Shack)
Chicken Fried Steak (Blue Smoke)
Garlic Potato Chips (Union Square Cafe)
Margherita Slice (Artichoke Pizza)

There are more--so, so many more--but listing them all now will give me nothing to talk about tomorrow.

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117 Park Place said...

Just yesterday I finally got around to cleaning my keyboard, yes with a q-tip no less, thereby proving that I am a victim of both ocd and procrastination. Now, look at (the keyboard), I've slobbered all over it. This is the last time I read your blog on an empty stomach.