Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hip To Be Square

Snowy nights--a rarity in New York--go hand in hand with delivery. In honor of the season finale of Biggest Loser, my two Astoria pals and I decided to order pizza. What better way to celebrate the extreme weight-loss of others than to pack on the pounds ourselves?

Astoria is not known for its pizza, buy locals will tell you that the two top choices are Sal's Pizzeria and Rizzo's Pizza, one known for its circular pies (the former) and the other known for its square, or Sicilian slice (the latter). I've eaten at Rizzo's before; it happens to be on my way to the train and I occasionally stop in for a slice. But I rarely order it for delivery because they're cash only, and I'm generally cash poor.

We tested Rizzo's delivery skills last night. To be fair, we were warned in advance that a large Sicilian pie (not so recession-proof, at $16, plus toppings) would take 45 minutes. In truth, it took over an hour and by the time it arrived we may have been too annoyed--and too engrossed in the weight-loss of others--to enjoy it fully. Here's the other thing: on the way from Steinway to 33rd Street, the pizza lost its snap. Yes, the sauce was still spicy and delicious. Yes, the cheese was still one slice of mozzarella, browned beyond recognition (the way I like it) in the middle of each slice. Yes, the mushrooms were sauteed in garlic and butter before landing on each slice. But the pizza was no longer crispy on the bottom. Delivery had taken its toll.

Considering the cost, time, and mediocre results of my Rizzo's delivery experience, I'll be exploring other options on those nights when walking out in the cold seems a distant possibility. Don't worry, Rizzo's: I'll still stop by for a slice when I'm in the neighborhood.

Rizzo's Pizza
30-13 Steinway Street
Astoria, NY 11103

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