Saturday, February 28, 2009


Items currently in my purse awaiting a day of snacking at work: 

Dried apricots and dried mango
Pint of blueberries
Container of sliced watermelon
Healthy Valley Organic Granola Bar (they use cane sugar and whole grains)
BLT made from arugula, tomato, Proscuitto di Parma, whole-wheat wrap

As a side note completely unrelated to food, I do not understand why when I hold the big, heavy doors on the back exit of the bus people walk out without taking the doors.  I'm not standing there so that everyone can get off the bus; I'm waiting for someone else to take the doors and then pass it to the person behind them, etc.  I was not hired by the MTA to stand outside every designated bus stop in New York City to make sure the passengers get off safely.  That would be a cool job, but it's not mine. 

The doors are heavy and they need to be held open and I would be a giant loser if I just let the door smash into the person behind me, which is sometimes what I feel like doing.  That being said, what kind of person sees a tiny and overloaded woman standing on the street holding the bus door open and doesn't think, "Oh, I should probably take the door from her"?  

Sometimes New Yorkers aren't as bad as people say.  Other times they are far, far worse.  


ramster said...

Your purse must be HUGE to fit all that stuff in there. I wonder if there could be a connection with that and people assuming you are there to hold the bus door open. hey maybe you could just use the bag to prop open the door ;)

seriously though, as an apparently rare gentleman i run into these door issues all the time. I would suggest that if you choose not to hold the door indefinitely, simply make eye contact with the next person (i would normally try to avoid eye contact on or near a bus) and ask "Do you have it?" and unless they respond "No", let the door go.


I really do carry a big bag.