Thursday, February 19, 2009

Quick Fix

I was running around like a crazy person yesterday, trying to do all the things I hadn't done while out in Arizona.  I didn't have time to do a whole elaborate dinner for myself, so I improvised with things I found at the market.  I had about ten minutes to spare at the vegetable stand, where I bought things that inspired me: a carton of persimmons, a Texas scallion (looks like a cross between an onion and a scallion, with a large white bulb at the end), a few kirby cucumbers, a jalapeno, a red pepper, Boston lettuce, and some cilantro.  Large shrimp at the fish market actually lived up to their name, so I took home a quarter pound, plenty of shrimp for one person to stretch over the course of two days.  

I assembled the framework for my dinner in the afternoon.  It took less than 20 minutes, proof that even the most time-pressed career person can get a home-cooked meal on the table.  I poached the shrimp in boiling water until they turned pink (roughly five minutes).  In the meantime, I chopped my purchased veggies, with the exception of the lettuce and with the addition of some celery I found hanging out in my vegetable compartment. 

Cooked shrimp was drained and cut into thirds.  I added it to the container housing my chopped vegetables.  Next, some canned pineapple--minus the juice--two heaping tablespoons of light sour cream (more than enough, trust me), one tablespoon of sriracha, some kosher salt and, of course, fresh ground pepper.  When I came home from the gym later at night, I picked some lettuce leaves and rolled the creamy mixture up into it, using the lettuce like a wrap.  Actually, iceberg would have worked a little better, but I really hate the watery taste of iceberg lettuce, with one notable exception: as lining for a good old traditional BLT. 

Really, the greatest thing about doing something like this for dinner (apart from the convenience factor) is that it's the easiest possible way to integrate a wide variety of vegetables into one's dinner.  And really, you could sub in or out any fruit or veg.  Grapefruit could have easily replaced the persimmon.  Red cabbage could have provided color instead of red pepper (I grew up surrounded by pepper-haters).  Shredded carrot would have offered a beta-carotene kick.  

So there you have it: dinner for one very busy individual, done quickly and healthily.  And did I mention that the final product was creamy, spicy, crunchy, and completely delicious?  Or maybe that goes without saying. 


ramster said...

I think youve mentioned a couple of these wrappy creations recently, and you sparked a food memory i think i will resurrect this weekend.

i take some thin sliced pastrami and alpine lace swiss, cold saurkraut and grey poupon mstard and wrap it all up in a cabbage leaf. i call it my south beach ruben wrap, 'delish'

on another topic i have been wanting to ask you, are you a bourdain/no reservations fan? i am thinking he may have jumped the shark with his food porn episode, and confirmed it the following week with his 'fan show' trip to the Philippines.


Yeah, I'm into wraps because they're easy.

I don't have cable, and even if I did, I probably wouldn't watch Tony. I think it's because I waited on him and Eric Ripert once and he was a bit salty with me. He ordered a negroni, of course, and a very rare porterhouse.

Was the food porn episode the Chang/tour of New York City one? Owing to the cast, it's received a lot of press as of late.

ramster said...

I believe the food pr0n episode was sort of a 'best of' from a variety of earlier shows. I am not one to recognize names of 'celebrities', or even their faces a lot of times, (and even if i did i wouldnt give them my place in line at starbucks).

But yeah it seems to me there was a crazy chang lookin guy, that segment looked like competetive eating, and they were challenging eachother not to barf. not the sort of porn i am into anyway.

Tony was rather charming the first few times i saw his show, but its getting old. does he ever actually cook?